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Social Media Customization

Customizing social media is a great way to get to customers. But, platforms like Yelp, Facebook, and YouTube require customization.

The first step in customizing social media is to create a logo that will be used across all platforms. The logo should be simple and recognizable. It should also be the right size for the platform it will be used on. For example, if you are using Instagram, your logo should not exceed the square dimensions of the app.

Next, you need to create graphics that are consistent with your brand’s style and colors. This includes logos for each platform, banners, post images, and profile pictures for each account.

Available Services
  • Customization of Yelp, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms.
  • Creation of correctly sized images for the platform based on your company’s existing logo and branding to help with brand recognition.
  • Casual business photography taken with a cell phone, color adjusted, and sized correctly for the platform.
  • Making sure all contact info is correct on the profile.
  • Ensuring each section of the profile is filled out properly.
  • Listing products, services, and required categories (such as YouTube playlists, Etsy products or services available)
  • The initial consultation meeting is free.
  • All services are based upon the time they take to complete. The base price is $50 per hour. A time estimate will be provided before the project is started.
  • Half of the project cost is required as a deposit before work begins.
  • The other half can be paid off when the project is finished.
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