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Just the Basics

Our brochure page is a one-page website, built on the secure WordPress CMS platform, listing all the important information about your business, product, or services. The page will be modern and look great on most devices. It is simple and easy for your customers to navigate. Everything they need to know is in one place.

The page can be customized to match your existing colors and branding or you can try something new. The website will have its own domain name, and email forwards. A web hosting plan is required. All this can be set up for you. You will have access to a Cpanel login if you need to make changes to your account. You will also have access to your WordPress and hosting accounts once the project is complete.


Available Services
  • A one-page website built on the WordPress CMS. You can expand this site later if you need to.
  • A security plugin to help your site stay safe.
  • One custom contact form.
  • Up to 5 email forwarding addresses configured. These addresses will look professional and forward to your existing inbox.
  • Web hosting setup
  • Domain name setup
  • Casual business photography of your profile photo, premises, and products.
  • Brief content writing that expands on the information you’d like to convey to customers.
  • The initial consultation meeting is free.
  • All services are based upon the time they take to complete. The base price is $50 per hour. A time estimate will be provided before the project is started.
  • A one-page website can usually be completed in 15 hours or less. The fewer edits and changes the less the price. The time estimation includes:
    • Backend setup
    • Domain setup
    • Email setup
    • Client meetings and further communication
    • The actual page work
  • Half of the project cost is required as a deposit before work begins.
  • The other half can be paid off when the project is finished.
  • Shared hosting (This means there is one big computer and many websites are stored on it but, everyone’s website is private, separate, and secure from each other. It is like an apartment building for websites.) is usually around $10-15 a month. Some hosting companies require a year to be paid ahead of time and this can be over $100 dollars.
  • Domain name registration is usually around $10 for the first year. Each additional year is usually under $15 dollars.
  • Casual business photography costs $50 for up to 5 photos and $100 for up to 10 photos. The cost includes travel to the site, time photographing, and photo editing and sizing. You can also provide your own images at no cost!
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