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AI Storytelling

Nov 23, 2022

Yuma Web Design - AI Storytelling

Do you have a story to tell? Whether you are a writer who needs book illustrations or a business owner who would like to set a mood or create a vision, AI storytelling can help you. Maybe you are a travel agent and you want to create an image for a brochure or a website that tells the story of the perfect vacation location. This can be done with AI.

All you need to do is describe the scene in vivid, explicit, and literal detail. AI will generate images based on your descriptions. The image that accompanies this post was created with the AI description of “a plucky cyborg, round, joyful, shiny gold, Astroboy, nighttime background post-apocalyptic junkyard, anime, ghibli, hope in the face of terrible odds, extremely detailed, octane render, epic scene”. You don’t have to know what all those descriptors mean. But, I do.

If you need help creating AI images for storytelling Yuma Web Design can help you tell your story.

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