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Custom AI-generated images

AI-generated artwork is a popular technology that generates pictures based on text prompts and existing images. AI art comes in many styles and can be used in an infinite variety of ways. Images created in this way are great for websites. Stock photos, corporate illustrations, background textures, and other appealing assets can be created with AI. 

AI art can be used to generate backgrounds and headers that have the look and feel of a certain area without having to go there and take photos. It can be used to create stunning Arizona landscapes that look like real photos. It can also help with diversity and representation by creating imaginary people of all ages, abilities, and races with AI-generated art.

Available Services
  • Create graphics of people from all walks of life to use as stock photography
  • Create landscape imagery to beautify and localize the look of your website
  • Create seamless tiles for background graphics
  • Create caricatures based on a photograph
  • Create illustrations for books
  • Create coloring pages
  • Create product and services mockups
  • Create images for posters, greeting cards, and special occasions.
  • AI images can be added to existing projects for social media and websites (a use case would be: AI creates a festive holiday scene in your brand’s colors. Combine this image with your logo to make a nice holiday social media graphic)

This list is not comprehensive. Email me to find out more about what AI can do. Almost all of the images on Yuma Web Design are created with AI.

  • The initial consultation meeting is free.
  • This is custom work so we will need to talk about the project before I can give any type of time estimate.
  • All services are based upon the time they take to complete. The base price is $50 per hour. A time estimate will be provided before the project is started.
  • Half of the project cost is required as a deposit before work begins.
  • The other half can be paid off when the project is finished.
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